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quangongzi created a new forum topic - Trouble Removal of Pumping Concrete Equipment

Dec 8, 2016 at 09:22am
With the rapid development of highway construction, some domestic and imported pump concrete equipment has been widely used by construction units. However, in the concrete pouring operation, due to improper use, resulting in equipment blockage occurs from time to time, which not only affects the progress of the project, but also directly affect the quality of the project. ...

With the rapid development of highway construction, some domestic and imported pump concrete equipment has been widely used by construction units. However, in the concrete pouring operation, due to improper use, resulting in equipment blockage occurs from time to time, which not only affects the progress of the project, but also directly affect the quality of the project.[url=]Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd[/url]

Blocking reasons

Under normal circumstances, the formation of concrete in the center of the pump tube columnar fluid flow in a suspended state. The surface of the fluid is coated with a layer of cement slurry, and the cement slurry layer is in contact with the pipe wall as a lubricant, so that the aggregate does not substantially move relative to each other. When the coarse aggregate in some of the aggregate movement is blocked, the back of the aggregate velocity of the affected gradually slowed down, resulting in the formation of coarse aggregate aggregate pipe, coarse aggregate support is squeezed away, the remaining gap Filled by small aggregate. In this way, the aggregate density increases, so that the pipeline within the pipeline radial expansion of the aggregate, cement slurry lubrication layer is damaged, the movement resistance increases, the speed slows down until the movement stopped and clogged.

Judgment and Elimination Method of Blocking

Plugging at the feed inlet

Phenomenon: Pumping action and hydraulic system are normal, no abnormal sound and vibration, hopper has a larger aggregate or agglomeration, stuck in the feed port or arch and blocked.

Exclude: the pump reverse operation to damage the caking, the concrete back to the hopper to re-mixing, and then forward pumping. If it does not work, you need to manually clean up, be excluded.

Dispensing at the dispensing valve outlet

Phenomenon: pumping system action suddenly interrupted, and abnormal sound, the device has a strong vibration, but no corresponding vibration within the pipe.

Excluded method: to the hopper into the 15 ~ 30L slurry, repeated, reverse start the pump, forcing access to open. If this method is invalid, can only be manually excluded, remove the associated tube, remove valve debris.

S The pipe valve is blocked

Phenomenon: S pipe valve plug is gradually formed, the main reason is the pump finished concrete, there is no timely use high-pressure water rinse, resulting in concrete residue in the S tube, the course of time gradually thickening, accumulation consolidation, resulting in congestion.

Remedy: Pumping concrete after the end, be sure to use high-pressure water and the S-tube pump rinse. When the flushing is invalid, can be used to knock the drill to remove the residue until thoroughly clean.

Blockage of concrete pipeline

Phenomenon: when the delivery pressure gradually increased, while the hopper level does not decline, the pipe outlet is not expected, the pump vibration, the pipeline is also accompanied by a strong vibration and displacement, can be judged to be blocked.

Blockage of the judgments: blockage generally occurs in the elbow, cone, and the vibration of the lot. At this point, you can use the hammer along the pipe beating, dull place for the plug Department; sound crisp at the normal. With the ears, a rustle of normal, harsh sound for the plug Department.

Remedy: When blocking occurs, should be taken immediately to repeat the positive and reverse pump method, and gradually pump out the concrete suction hopper to re-mix and then transport. Can also be wooden hammer percussion method, combined with positive, reverse pump, so clear; when the above method is invalid, indicating serious congestion. Identify the block, the tube removed, with high pressure air or heavy hammer percussion or high pressure water rinse, to be thoroughly cleaned, then connect the pipeline to continue pumping concrete work.

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quangongzi created a new forum topic - Cheap Bamboo Flooring

Dec 7, 2016 at 10:54am
 The key proceed with of new home, come over to what domestic daydream blots out the sky and cover up the earth, be rural contracted still? Be to restore ancient ways contemporary still? When a lot of people are planning, always think very maturely, but final result often is like person meaning very much.

Little imagine, this is collocation gave an issue. 3 big advocate in material most the influence decorates floor of tie-in nothing is more... than, different wooden floor board can be caused to the person experience differently, cause special affection to react in the heart, if be opposite all sorts of ligneous " temperamental " understand somewhat, meet those who make final result satisfies him expect.

Colour of picture of study wood floor piece: Colour collocation daylighting is to be mainly before floor of wood of choose and buy, what want a consideration above all is the lighting problem of the bedroom, this affects the colour choice of wooden floor directly. The daylighting condition of the bedroom limitted the choice scope of floor color.

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quangongzi created a new forum topic - China 's road machinery industry

Dec 5, 2016 at 10:33am
At present, with the rapid development of China's highway industry, China's road machinery market is one of the world's most important markets. Is the undisputed road machinery production and sales power. But also the world's largest roller market. Domestic road covering a wide range of models, product models are also many. With strong technical research and development and innovation, firmly occupy more than 90% market share. Among them, the mechanical transmission roller to create products in China; full hydraulic vibratory roller, tire roller technology has reached the world advanced level. Roller market sales in 2010 25581 sets a record high, in 2011 21617 Taiwan. Exports have been formed in size, exports in 2008 3943 Taiwan, the past two years by the impact of the international market has declined in 2011, 3665 units. The future is still a large space.[url=]Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd[/url]


Twelve-five period, China's road machinery industry and the market is still in a period of rapid development opportunities. With the improvement of the compaction standard, the performance and efficiency requirements of roller products are further improved. Paver is still focused on high reliability and high performance; at this stage in addition to effectively enhance the performance and reliability, but also need to establish a high-end brand image to expand the impact. Asphalt mixing station energy conservation and environmental protection requirements highlighted; At the same time focus on renewable materials and thermal mixing technology temperature mixing technology. High-performance, flexible and flexible light roller, small paving opportunities for further growth.


Although China's road machinery with the national government to promote the comprehensive construction of highway network, strengthening the momentum of the national highway is developing rapidly, but with some of the more economically developed countries than abroad, it is still a relatively late start, relatively young industry. Therefore, China's road machinery industry needs a step by step to develop steadily.

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Dec 1, 2016 at 11:31am
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quangongzi created a new forum topic - trapezoid-shaped decking

Dec 1, 2016 at 11:15am

trapezoid-shaped decking

no trouble back at home, so just accord with feng shui.If the sofa is behind the window, door or aisle, no reliable solid wall, behind it so no backer, empty, showed the bureau of powder leakage, hard to save gas.From the aspects of modern psychology, behind the sofa without depend,

make people lack of security, always has the feeling of behind the attack, rather than more comfortable back against the wall.Alternative method is to put short ark or screen behind, "artificial backer" to be remedied.4, the top of the sofa avoid beam coping the upper part if there is a beam of sofa, it's belong to beam coping, sitting in the following people great influence, should avoid as far as possible.Alternative method is the beam when decorate a bag of inside.The second is on the tea table on both sides of the sofa,

put two POTS kaiyun bamboo, to bear the beams coping.5, the pendulum of sofa sofa set method with one arm stretched out on each side advisable, symbol or so protected.If around the area is too small and do not protect, settle for second best, but in another sofa to water decoration, in order to form the water bureau, it also conforms to the feng shui.Shoe ark generally have the effect of receive arrange, because put shoes,

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quangongzi created a new forum topic - Maintenance of paver

Dec 1, 2016 at 09:29am
Maintenance work of the paver is usually carried out in the repair shop, but in the construction process if the damage occurred parts, only in the construction site maintenance operations. Whether in the repair shop or at the construction site for maintenance operations, cleaning is the most important, must ensure that the replacement or repair parts clean, to ensure the quality of maintenance and use of results.[url=]Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd[/url]

Electrical system maintenance

Electrical system parts and mechanical parts are different, the general failure occurs instantly without any precursor, electrical system failure will pavement construction will bring a series of negative effects. Because of its accidental failure, so the maintenance of electrical systems are generally carried out at the construction site, the maintenance of electrical systems in general to replace the new parts. In the replacement of new parts should be checked before the line is damaged, the connector is loose or too dirty and poor contact, so as to avoid unnecessary waste.

Maintenance of vibrators

Vibrators due to poor working conditions, coupled with this part of the lubrication is carried out by hand, from time to time there are missed butter or not playing into the phenomenon of no timely treatment. Damage to the main vibrator damage to the main bearing and rammer wear. Maintenance is generally replaced parts. If the hammer wear is more serious, and sometimes can not get new parts, tight schedule and circumstances, can be surfacing and then polished smooth, after such treatment can continue to use for some time.

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quangongzi created a new forum topic - why wood flooring deformation

Nov 28, 2016 at 01:16pm
Wood flooring is a relatively popular floor, its texture is good, gives a warm feeling, and the wooden floor will not distribute harmful gases, is the real green decoration materials. [url=] Korea Wpc Floor Waterproof[/url]

 Next to introduce the wood floor deformation causes and how to clean the floor.

The reason of wooden floor arch

1, the floor is soaked damp

Wood flooring will be mainly because of the water is soaked, for example, did not close the windows under heavy rain, rain did not timely clean-up, immersed in wood flooring,  [url=] Best Balcony Wood Roofing[/url]

 this situation handled properly, it is easy to cause wooden floor from the arch.

2, wood flooring too tight

If the laying in the dry season, if the increase in environmental humidity, the floor will be expanded with the increase in environmental humidity, resulting in wooden floor assembled together can not make it stretch,  [url=] Wood Plastic Composite Market Applications[/url]  only upward expansion, causing arch.

3, the floor moisture content is too low

If in dry weather, moisture content is too low, after the moisture absorption transition will cause deformation of arch.

Wood floor cleaning methods

1, decontamination

In the daily cleaning wooden floor, if the use of non-professional cleaning agents, [url=] Composite Wood Pool Decking Materials[/url] such as dragging the floor after the end will be more easily contaminated with dust. The wet mop will moisture through the wooden floor, it is likely to cause the wooden floor from Alice, mildew rot. Therefore, when cleaning wooden floor stains, use a professional wooden floor cleaner, according to the proportion of deployment, and then mopping the floor when the mop dry.

2, to the oil

If it is a small area of ??oil, you can use a professional cleaning agent on the cloth on the scrub, if it is a long time the stubborn oil can be soft with the old toothbrush dipped in detergent gently brushing. Prohibit the use of washing powder, detergent and other non-professional cleaning agents directly wipe the wooden floor.

3, wood flooring moisture

If it is natural wood, processed wood flooring will contain a certain amount of moisture, so the wooden floor moisture to be very attention, to carry out ventilation and maintain indoor air circulation. But also often waxing, so you can avoid the invasion of moisture.

quangongzi created a new forum topic - Application of synchronous gravel sealing technology

Nov 28, 2016 at 09:35am
In this paper, the application of synchronous gravel sealing technology, material selection and environmental requirements were studied and discussed, and the specifications and technical requirements of the main material of crushed stone seal layer and binder were expounded and the popularization and application of the technology The feasibility of road maintenance for our country to provide a new conservation methods.[url=]Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd[/url]

With the rapid development of expressway in our country, more and more expressways have been built and the preventive maintenance of asphalt pavement becomes more and more important. The traditional conservation technology and conservation methods can not meet and adapt to the development of highway maintenance work requirements, research, introduction, development of new conservation technology has been essential. As a preventive maintenance measure, the synchronous gravel seal can effectively prevent further spread of pavement disease, delay the aging process of asphalt pavement, prolong the service life of pavement, improve the function of pavement service, and save the maintenance and repair fund. The application prospect is very broad.

Synchronized Crushed Stone Sealing Technology

Synchronous gravel sealing technology from the 20th century, 80 years in France has been large-scale adoption in the 1990s spread to Europe and the United States as a whole, but also in Russia, India, Africa, Australia and other dozens of countries and regions to promote. According to statistics, in Europe more than 95% of the roads are using this technology for conservation. In the United States, synchronous gravel seals have been reported to extend road service life by more than 10 years. Studies in Australia have shown that synchronous gravel sealing technology can increase road life by 10 to 15 years with more severe damage. At present, synchronous gravel sealing technology in China [2] Liaoning, Shaanxi, Anhui, Hunan, Guangxi and other places under the highway seal layer and the national highway, provincial highway construction has been applied, and achieved good economic returns and social benefit. But in general, many of the construction process has not yet fully grasp and the lack of construction experience, also need further study.

Synchronous gravel seal is the use of special equipment that is synchronous gravel seal cars and adhesive materials (modified asphalt or modified asphalt emulsion) spread on the road at the same time, through the road roller or natural rolling to form a single layer of asphalt broken Stone wear layer, which is mainly used as a surface layer of road surface, can also be used for low-grade highway surface layer construction.

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longlongshi created a new forum topic - Ugg boots are so cool

Nov 25, 2016 at 02:24pm
UGG Boots Outlet Pants and jeans could possibly be ready. Best suited right after the setting is in actuality a superb delivers cooler, you also can decide on the traditional short pattern and style of UGG that is comfortable but not as well hot. Within chilly winter, unquestionably extended Ugg boots will make anyone critically totally genuinely appear genuinely warm. Photo often the gentle wool within your shoes or boots. Touching it could make you carry into account adorable sheep. That you are unquestionably not inside the solution to critically totally genuinely think chilly in winter. Unfortunately currently within of inside the year, you can find hardly anymore producer fresh Ugg boots producing operation belonging toward discount.

Ugg Boots Women sale Inside trail belonging toward purpose that within of inside the desire, new Uggs will almost all possibly be marketed in using the terrific price. A number of would completely grasp in which Uggs aren't among the just about the most affordable Ugg bootsin city. All by producing use that belongs toward finding season, you must anticipate to invest substantially added than a hundred bucks for virtually any pair of new Uggs. If that's the case, then what are peopling these individuals marketplace online? Many set of two Uggs which could possibly always be receiving marketed in retail internet sites could possibly be subsequent hands. This could possibly be a fantastic time for sellers to public auction apart their pairs into the trail belonging toward purpose that frustrated UGG fans would unquestionably turn to retail internet sites if they cannot get there by means of what they want about standard sites.

UGG Bailey Button Expenses regarding decreased Ugg boots throughout auctions could possibly nevertheless end up being enhanced than frequent into the trail belonging toward purpose that within of inside the name of your time of your time but they can should unquestionably fall listed below new UGG expenses in the trail belonging toward intention which they have previously recently been used. Of course , if you in fact ever locate a companion plus the preliminary providing price tag is correct, that does not necessarily suggest boots are yours. It is best to hang on near to best suited up until typically the expiry using the provide name of your time best suited up until they will know for good no topic no subject whether or not these types of Ugg boots will arrive for your door.

longlongshi created a new forum topic - Pandora Moments

Nov 25, 2016 at 02:23pm
Pandora Charms There are many ways to tell stories in relation to ourselves of which writing a new biography and capturing unique events in photographs are simply two ways. Have you considered thinking about getting yourself a charm band where each piece presents a snippet of an issue that happened in your life, be it a new past event or a thing that just happened recently? Previously, charms were worn to be able to ward off evil spirits as well as bad luck while some even used them to war as identity symbols of faith and fortune, but gone are these kinds of beliefs and today charms have got pandora jewels taken a fresh and fashionable meaning.

Pandora Charms Black Friday Theres no longer charms made of carved titanic tusks, shells, animal-bones as well as clay but instead, Danish diamond brand Pandora has created sophisticated designs out of 14k precious metal, gemstones. Pandora silver attraction Tea cup and Saucer From a humble beginning of the ordinary jewellery store, Pandora bracelets jewellery was established in 1982 inside Copenhagen, when Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his partner, Winnie, began making jewelry by hand in a small showroom. Right now, it has over 50 list chains worldwide. Although reasonably new to Malaysians, Pandora is renowned for their distinctive and versatile attraction bracelets which have become a respectable and reputational of the brand.

Pandora Charms Christmas Aptly named Times, these charms are created for capturing truly unforgettable moments inside where customers are allowed to make their own stories from an substantial selection of over 700 carefully hand-made charms. With the expensive jewelry, one will have limitless choices to celebrate lifes precious milestones and ones individuality using personalised. When we talk about Pandora bracelets, many people will think of Pandora's Box, the myths scenario of Pandora comes from historic Greeks. Pandora jewelry is rife with temptation for us, because of its different and changeable, just like the Pandoras Box in the myths scenario.

Pandora Charms UK Pandora jewelry makes each of the jewelry hobbyists become fashion designer, it gives the jewelry fans a good chance to design their very own jewelry, express their personalized style and images. When buying Pandora bracelets jewelry, you can choose different Thomas sabo beads, necklace and bracelets. Different combined, different styles, is actually endless variations, there's not necessarily same completely. This kind of adjust, just like the Pandora's Box, abounds with temptation. This change will be according to the jewelry design enthusiasm. Make your choice also means you are able to create a unique bracelet as well as necklace, and show off your individuality. Furthermore, this kind of unique Pandora bracelets jewelry is not expensive.

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